Angelica Theatre – A Prophet etc..

A few weeks ago I saw ‘A Prophet’ at the Angelica Theatre in Soho. It was the first time at that theatre for my husband and I . The atmosphere was pleasant, little cafe, expensive brownies, and they call you when the movie is ready so you line up and take the escalators together.  I thought we were all going to hold hands, it was so pleasant. With the exception of the person who sat next to me, it was a great crowd. Don’t you love it when the person next to you decides to take up all of your elbow space inch by inch. It’s always acceptable when it’s done slowly as opposed to just hitting my ribs so he can have more space.

The movie was said to be in the same league as the Godfather. I’m not a movie critic by profession (who cares!) but although the acting was EXCELLENT, especially the old man (the last scene where he sat by himself in the bench anxious to see the guy only to be humiliated into getting up himself wretched my heart) it was too violent to be very entertaining for long.  It took me days before I could get that scene with the spoon in the eyeball out of my head. There are times you wish you could “unsee”. Add to that, I only read half of the subtitles thanks to the lady in front of me with great posture who would never think to slouch down for the people behind her.  I love proper people.

There’s a great used bookstore right around the corner too.


True Beauty No Makeup

I went a museum yesterday.  Admission was free, it was the American Indian Museum. That’s when I saw her. Beauty.

Just recently I’ve decided to undergo a career change, I am thoroughly unhappy at a job that pays very well. For ten years I’ve been doing the same thing and it’s poisoning my spirit.  But my husband was laid off so quitting is no option.  Problem is i don’t know what i want to do, I haven’t found what inspires me to action yet.  I love the process of self discovery.  An example, I realized I should just dye my hair back to it’s natural black, why did i want to be blond for so long. Who cares if other people thought i look better with lighter hair, it always felt wrong to some degree. Yes, many women could never understand that, to them, it’s just hair color who cares right? Well, it just so happens that I came to the realization that I did.

One day I decided to go the American Indian museum near my job and came across the most beautiful woman, she was probably mid thirties, not a stitch of makeup, she had naturally black hair, fit, she looked like she rode horses to keep mentally, spiritually and physically healthy. I thought, this woman is who I want to be. Not the fake blonde who wants to buy the latest Gucci bag but this woman in front of me, sure of herself, non conforming..graceful, elegant. She was the epitomy of beauty for that moment because the sureness she expressed of herself was something palpable and I am so grateful I could be a witness to it.